This website is the outcome of a small gathering of postgraduates at the University of Sheffield, Department of Geography (link to be added soon) on September 4th 2008 addressing the theme of ‘bodies, relations and spatiality’ (Click here: Workshop outline)

 These themes have gained increasing currency and relevance across the humanities and social sciences and yet they are represented or put into practice in a huge variety of ways. We therefore decided to hold a workshop as a group of postgraduates to create a space to question these themes along with interdisciplinary connections/divides surrounding them.

This website is an outcome of these discussions and aims to offer a place where participants can stay in touch, and invite along other people along who are interested in notions of bodies and spatiality as well as questioning how these (don’t) relate.

The site also aims to provide:

  • Notice of upcoming relevant events around the country and within the University of Sheffield
  • Reading suggestions and reviews to generate discussion/debate
  • A forum to arrange further meetings, reading groups and a follow-up event next year.

Feel free to post comments, questions, queries or provocations related to your research, book and conference reviews, notice of upcoming events, recommendations for texts or anything else you can think of.

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The organisers in all their glory.

The organisers in all their glory.

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We’ll put our faves up here soon, suggestions are very welcome – especially from other disciplines to challenge these approaches to bodies, relations and spatiality

These are from the workshop we organised

  • Law, J. (2004) After Method: Mess in Social Science Research. pp 1- 15
  • Hinchcliffe, S., Kearns, M. and Whatmore, S. (2005) Urban Wild Things: a Cosmopolitical Experiment. Environment and Planning D. Society and Space 23(5)pp.643-58
  • Pinder, D. (2005) Arts of Urban Exploration. Cultural Geographies 12(4)pp.383–411
  • Mol, A and Law, J. (2004) Embodied Action, Enacted Bodies. The Example of Hypoglycaemia. Body and Society 10 (2/3) pp. 43-62